Mercedes Benz W140 S500 or S600?

Mercedes Benz W140 S500 or S600 – Reviews and opinions by users

As far as I S500 V8 engine is common with some problems, I think the cost is slightly lower than that of the S600. S600 V12 go more but supplies and concerns are 2 example has two throttling valves 2 air filters, 2 meter, 4 plugs and wires, etc. more Otherwise W140 S600 going more than 500 then it is implied.

As with any top model, prices are much much higher.
The strength of the bike is irrelevant, both bikes will outlive a big difference other vehicle components. There are four more cylinders, which automatically means higher costs for ongoing maintenance. And W140 S500 has two meter, two chokes, etc., that is not what is the difference. Walking is good, but in the area of the senseless. Completely incomprehensible for me to buy this behemoth adapted to car chief for his drinking tires neighborhood level or do drag racing. Otherwise, S500 will pick up quickly on the highway permitted 130 km. / Hr Why is this bike up? To counter the current V12 BMW and meet the needs of top brand customers an exclusive model. We not exclusive clients? We are not as exclusivity is determined by the amount of income than the motor drive on our 15-year flagship favorite brand.
Conclusion – probably the right engine of this model is the W140 S320. In any event S600 e buy for collector. For riding … will come jam.

I apologize if I was too circumstantial, hope to protect you from costly mistakes.

Better S500 easier maintenance and less cost to the pace as both doing very well. Do you have the disadvantages of W140 as a car does not stop a lot of rocking curves and the headlights at least version without factory xenon are very weak, very heavy fronts at least in S500 and S600 and crushes everything in front, huge power consumption in the sense it is not 15-20 days driving the car battery is spent and can not ignite without submit your current electronics problem has something to do tires crease rapidly from the weight of the car. This is my opinion from my experience with this model and almost all units that are available for it.

What do you think which one is better and why?

Write your review and tell which one is better and why?

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